Seasons 2 & 3 Bible Study Guide Bundle

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These books parallel each episode, connecting readers to the Bible in a brand-new way.
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    Dive in deeper with both Season 2 and 3 Bible Study Guides! 

    Season 2 Bible Study Guide - Blessed Are The Chosen is an eight-lesson interactive Bible study for individuals or small groups based on season 2 of the groundbreaking television show, The Chosen.

    This study guide works in tandem with each episode of the show and includes:

    • A deeper look at God’s character, power, and promises using the framework of Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount
    • Script excerpts, quotes, and illustrations from each episode
    • Scripture to provide lesson context
    • Pictures and bios of characters for increased connection
    • Conversational features to invite Bible knowledge
    • Guiding questions for group or individual discussion or reflection
    • Script excerpts, quotes, and illustrations from the show
    • Guiding questions for groups or individuals

    Once we belong to Him, we’re not only given a new identity, we’re ushered into a new reality. One that is sure, powerful, and life-changing.

    And so—

    • We have hope no matter our circumstances.
    • We have assurances and resources, even in life’s trials.
    • We are blessed in all things because we are chosen by Him.


    Season 3 Bible Study Guide - The Way of the Chosen

    Discover what it means to belong to and be blessed by God.
    We all have to choose: the wide road that leads to destruction or the narrow path that leads to life. The third season of the groundbreaking television show, The Chosen, picks up with how Jesus’ followers apply His teaching to their lives.
    The Way of the Chosen is an eight-lesson interactive Bible study for individuals or small groups that works in tandem with each episode of the show. In modeling “the narrow road that leads to life” it includes:

    • Forgiving the way Jesus does
    • Going when and where He says to go
    • Grieving what He grieves
    • Standing firm on His words and character
    • Delighting in the things that please Him
    • Asking because He says to
    • Welcoming those He welcomes
    • Trusting His will and way

    Readers will be challenged to move from knowing who Jesus is to living out their faith by going the way of the Chosen.

    Author Bios:

    Amanda Jenkins is an author, speaker, and the lead creator of The Chosen’s additional content. Her husband, Dallas Jenkins, directed and produced over a dozen feature and short films before creating The Chosen, the largest crowd-funded media project of all time. They live in Texas with their four children.

    Dr. Douglas S. Huffman, the evangelical biblical consultant for the television series, is Professor of New Testament and Associate Dean of Biblical and Theological Studies at Talbot School of Theology (Biola University) in California.

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