The Chosen Season 3 Soundtrack (CD)

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    "Season 3 truly takes us for a walk on the water. Our composers, Dan and Matt, captured the lows and highs of Jesus and his followers so beautifully in their score, and now it's yours to enjoy.

    Whether you want to move with the disciples to the bluesy rock of "F5K", or get swept up with King David into the majesty of"The Most High" it's all here.


    • Walk on the Water
    • Matthew's Decision
    • Andrew Visits John
    • Rooftop Warning
    • Hard Conversations
    • Circle of David
    • Hometown Legend
    • Jesus Remembers Joseph
    • Signs and Wonders
    • Who Touched Me?
    • Veronica Swims
    • Shula and Barnaby
    • Jesus Draws a Crowd
    • F5K
    • Walking On Water
    • The Most High

    The Chosen Season 3 Soundtrack can also be downloaded on Spotify and Apple Music.

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